How You Learn


By studying at LdM, you will improve in all four language skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing—all presented in context and emphasized by dramatization and role play. The small number of students in each class and our international student body helps you to actively participate in the learning process. Here you will find constant interaction between students, students and teachers, and even students and Italy outside of the classroom and greatly benefit by interacting with people from different cultures, all speaking Italian! Furthermore, in Espresso 4, you benefit even more with two teachers for the same class.

But learning Italian isn’t just about learning the grammar! To learn a new language you must also understand its culture. Here at LdM, you will discover new facts about Italy and its different regions, listen to many kinds of Italian music, watch Italian films, read and discuss Italian books and newspapers. However, our classes have no walls. We take you outside of the classroom to directly use what you have learned with trips to the market, visit to Italian universities to meet Italian students, and other similar activities. As you learn more about Italy and interact with real Italians, your desire to speak Italian and understand Italy and its culture will grow, as well!

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