How We Are Different


Here at LdM, we are proud of our country and want to share with you all of the art and history, food and wine, music and museums and fun that Italy has to offer. We don’t want to just teach you our language, but to help you discover the beauty of learning a new language. We want to help you develop relationships here that can last a lifetime, no matter how long you are here. We are here to help you make this country feel like a second home, from giving advice on how to shop in the markets to where to rent a bicycle.

It’s true.

You can study Italian in thousands of places throughout Italy.

It’s true.

Just by living in Italy, you can start to learn the culture.

But it’s not always easy. By yourself, it can seem almost impossible at times.

It always helps to have someone there, someone to guide you when you need help and answer any questions you may have. Together, we can face any challenge you might encounter. At LdM, you won’t have just one person waiting for you, but an entire department ready to introduce you not only to Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici’s international student community, but to Florence, Rome, Tuscania and all of Italy!

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