Enlighten Yourself through Italian Pop Culture


Last Monday, students came to join the festivities found in Aula Roma on via Faenza 69.  The students munched on refreshments provided by the school and watched Mario Monicelli’s entertaining Italian film,“I Soliti Ignoti.”  In this movie, the actors went through countless attempts to steal a treasure in innovative and downright hilarious schemes. The film had the essence of classic “feel-good” comedy with a plot that left the audience constantly laughing.  There are English subtitles that accompanied this movie, so no one would fret if they couldn’t completely understand Italian.  Not only was this an opportunity to meet other students who are undergoing the same experience as you, it’s a subtle way to improve you’re Italian.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned as an American student being in Italy, just hearing the verbal communication between people has enabled me to learn the language.  The mere presence of the Italian language in this movie has allowed me to become accustomed to the sound of words and has trained my ear to catch simple words and phrases.  Even as I watched the physical communication via body language between the actors, I was able to capture the essence of the conversations.  Throughout the semester there are many opportunities to delve into the Italian lifestyle through pop culture and mainstream motion pictures.  For more details regarding different events, check out the events page.


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