LdM Italian Language Department


There are about 25 of us who teach Italian for LdM. We are all native Italian speakers with degrees from Italian universities and a passion for what we do. We have a lot of experience in teaching Italian language and culture to foreign students, but you can never have enough! So, we hold workshops for our Italian language teachers to share and develop new teaching techniques together, as well as attending professional seminars and international conferences. We also have an enthusiastic team of full-time academic coordinators, creating new course material and cooperating with teachers meet individual student needs. We are available for you whenever you need extra help and are always ready to answer any question you have.

We understand that to learn Italian well, you need to be able to feel part of your Italian community. We want to help you do exactly that. We are not just teachers, but see ourselves as cultural facilitators. We constantly work to develop relationships with institutions such as the Comune di Firenze, Regione Toscana, University of Florence, University of Viterbo, Comune di Tuscania, Local Authority of Provincial Culture in Viterbo, and the Local Authority of Regional Culture in Lazio.

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